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Xavion is always prepared for an engine-out in your plane, and will guide you to the safest nearby airport at the touch of a button.Your safety-conscious copilot.

Xavion is always imagining the worst that could happen, so you don’t have to.

If you have an engine out, Xavion will plot an easy-to-fly course to a nearby runway.

Xavion knows about your plane’s glide characteristics and the nearby terrain, so it guides you to the safest nearby runway—not just the closest.

Xavion's synthetic vision display, showing the terrain profile ahead of the airplaneSynthetic vision, without the cost of a traditional glass cockpit.

Your situational awareness is about to get an upgrade.

Xavion shows you the surrounding terrain with startling clarity, so you always know what’s around you.

Xavion provides backup versions of all your primary flight instrumentsNever worry about an instrument failure again.

Xavion provides an iPad-powered backup of your primary flight instruments. If one goes out, simply reference Xavion and continue on your way.

When connected to an external GPS unit, Xavion’s instrument readings can rival the ones built into your panel!

Flying a highway-in-the-sky path to a destination using XavionHighway-in-the-sky navigation, at your fingertips.

With point-to-point navigation from Xavion, just enter your destination and desired altitude. Xavion provides easy-to-fly “hoops” to take you there.

Plus, Xavion will estimate your ETA and fuel burn at different altitudes, so you can choose the fastest or the most efficient path.

Xavion - Laminar Avionics

Get it in the App Store.

At just $9.99/month (or $99/year if you buy per year), Xavion is a micro-fraction of the price of a traditional glass cockpit. Plus, you’ll be able to connect to X-Plane and have the most powerful avionics available in a flight simulator. Get it in the App Store now.

What our customers say

I just caught up with the latest on Xavion and am blown away. [The safety features] included are breathtaking in scope. And I’m dumbfounded that you are making all this available in an iOS app. It’s astounding!

Your product is revolutionary in so many ways. It’s the most innovative thing I’ve seen in a very long time. It may very well be the most significant advance in aviation safety since the parachute. I believe that ultimately it will save many lives, not to mention aircraft.

Xavion will be with me any time I am ever PIC again.

—Dan Philgreen, from Florida

Xavion in flight