Xavion 1.42 is here now!


It USED TO BE that Xavion used the GPS signals, corrected for wind, to display your glide ratio, which you would then enter.

This method of inputting the data was simple to use, but was subject to two types of errors:

->What if your GPS signal is not perfect?

->What if your winds-aloft input is not perfect?

In either of those cases, Xavion could have some error in estimating your glide range.

So, now we are solving that.

Go up to a nice high altitude with Xavion running and do your three power-off descents again:

->once at landing speed and landing  configuration,

->once at best glide speed, airplane clean and prop feathered (the BEST glide you can manage!)

->once at a higher speed, close to maneuvering speed, with the prop at redline (a much steeper approach!)

Now, for each of these three configurations (Xavion will tell you the exact INDICATED airspeed it wants you to fly) you will enter your TRUE airspeed, and VERTICAL speed.

Xavion will compute the glide ratio from those inputs.

So, Xavion is still determining the glide ratios of your airplane, but now it is doing it in a way that is not subject to GPS or wind-induced error.

if you can enter your true airspeed and vertical speed accurately, then Xavion will have accurate glide data.

The bottom line is: more accuracy in knowing your glide ratios!

As well, we now do a much better job of estimating runway location based on limited data, even if the FAA is not giving us the full threshold locations.

If no threshold data is available, then we at least get the best estimate we can for the runway location and orientation based on the airports location and the runway heading.

So, we still do not have perfect data for every runway on the world, but we come up with the best estimate we can based on the available information.

This is much better than previous versions of Xavion, which could only take you to the traffic pattern and tell you to circle on your own.

As well, we now correct the TERRAIN ELEVATION DATA based on the airport data reported by Seattle Avionics each month!

So, even though the USGS does not update it’s elevation data every 30 days, we are updating the terrain elevation under the airports every 30 days as the new airport data comes in!

So, now we have better TERRAIN elevation as well.

So we have better glide ratio data, runway data, and terrain data!

Now let’s USE all the improved data to best effect: We now have a really important new algorithm change:

We now use SOMETHING CLOSE TO MANEUVERING SPEED instead of MAXIMUM STRUCTURAL CRUISING SPEED for the hi-speed end of the glide envelope.

This is safer, since it allows us to use Xavion through the entire glide range without ever exceeding maneuvering speed… this lets us use Xavion in almost any level of turbulence you could encounter.

As well, this brings us into the runway a bit slower. This increases safety, and decreases the runway length required, thus allowing us to get access to more airports.

In fact, even planes like the Lancair Evolution can now get into runways that are only 1,500 feet long!

This lower-speed approach really increases safety, gives you more time to deal with emergencies, and gives you power-off access to even the REALLY small runways.

Now, the improved data accuracy and approach speeds are great, let’s use them to best effect!

We now offer steep, medium, and shallow-bank turns on the approach.

We prefer to use the shallow-bank turns if possible, but will go to the steep ones if we have to to make the approach.

These additional bank angle options allow Xavion to come up with an approach that is more tuned for your particular situation, using all the improved data and algorithms mentioned above.

Now, all of this info is useless if we do not have a good interface to display it to you!

So, we now have tight, minimum-wording warnings advising you of the margin for error for your approach once you hit the panic button!

It is awfully nice to see the actual margin for error the moment the emergency button is hit!

Now, all this new data, code, and interface is useless if you are traveling with limited or no internet and your data expires!

So, we now have a new type of redundancy: We now continue operation for 30 days PAST digital data expiration, with warnings that we are flying with expired data!

This way, if you are traveling with no net, or the data servers go down, you can continue to operate for 30 days with a warning message.

This lets Xavion protect you as much as it can with whatever data it can get in the field.

SO, this version of Xavion really ups the game for data accuracy, algorithm capability, interface tightness, and robust usability.

THIS is what I love to see in an update!


FINAL NOTE: We have moved the green gate to the beginning of the round-out.

So, the plan is for you to follow the hoops to the green gate at the speed recommendation made by Xavion.

But when you hit the green gate, that is the beginning of the round-out… start adding flaps, gear, and rounding out here.

If you smoothly add flaps and gear as you approach the touch-down zone, the energy should work our perfectly for a nice power-off landing.

Now on with the show:

From the creator of X-Plane comes Xavion, the iPad app that helps you fly safer.

See the AOPA report here.

Xavion is always prepared for an engine-out in your plane, and will guide you to the safest nearby airport at the touch of a button.Your safety-conscious copilot.

Xavion is always imagining the worst that could happen, so you don’t have to.

If you have an engine out, Xavion will plot an easy-to-fly course to a nearby runway.

Xavion knows about your plane’s glide characteristics and the nearby terrain, so it guides you to the safest nearby runway—not just the closest.

Xavion's synthetic vision display, showing the terrain profile ahead of the airplaneSynthetic vision, without the cost of a traditional glass cockpit.

Your situational awareness is about to get an upgrade.

Xavion shows you the surrounding terrain with startling clarity, so you always know what’s around you.

Xavion provides backup versions of all your primary flight instrumentsNever worry about an instrument failure again.

Xavion provides an iPad-powered backup of your primary flight instruments. If one goes out, simply switch on Xavion and continue on your way.

When connected to an external GPS unit, Xavion’s instrument readings can rival the ones built into your panel!

Flying a highway-in-the-sky path to a destination using XavionHighway-in-the-sky navigation, at your fingertips.

With point-to-point navigation from Xavion, just enter your destination and desired altitude. Xavion provides easy-to-fly “hoops” to take you there.

Plus, Xavion will estimate your ETA and fuel burn at different altitudes, so you can choose the fastest or the most efficient path.

Xavion - Laminar Avionics

Get it in the App Store.

At just $19.99/month (or $199/year if you try it for a month and then decide to save by buying by the year), Xavion is a fraction of the price of a traditional glass cockpit. Plus, you’ll be able to connect to X-Plane and have the most powerful avionics available in a flight simulator. Get it in the App Store now.

What our customers say

I just caught up with the latest on Xavion and am blown away. [The safety features] included are breathtaking in scope. And I’m dumbfounded that you are making all this available in an iOS app. It’s astounding!

Your product is revolutionary in so many ways. It’s the most innovative thing I’ve seen in a very long time. It may very well be the most significant advance in aviation safety since the parachute. I believe that ultimately it will save many lives, not to mention aircraft.

Xavion will be with me any time I am ever PIC again.

—Dan Philgreen, from Florida

Xavion in flight