X-Avionics is temporarily suspending sales to new customers.

We have found that data, aviation development, and liability insurance costs are not consistent with App Store one-time purchase pricing.

For this reason, we are removing Xavion from the App Store and not accepting any new orders.

We will continue to make safety and other enhancements to Xavion, and we will release those enhancement as as free updates for existing customers on the App Store. As well, we will continue to provide current airport data to all existing customers for 99 cents per month, and Seattle Avionics chart data to all existing customers for $9.99 per month, until further notice.

So, development and tuning on Xavion will continue, safety-related updates to Xavion will be made freely available to all of our existing customers, and low-cost data updates will continue to be made available until further notice, but no new customers are currently being accepted.

This web site and my email (austin@xavion.com) will continue to remain available as I continue to improve Xavion for my existing customers, and whatever new customers MAY exist in the future.


7-26-2014: Xavion 1.36 is now uploaded to the AppStore and is pending approval by Apple.

Xavion 1.36 will be available to all existing customers as a free upgrade when it is approved by Apple.

This update does a better job dealing with corrupted, missing, or out of date files, automatically updating them as needed. As well, Version 1.36 only alerts you to expired map types that you  are actually looking at, so you do not have to see alerts about VFR maps when flying IFR, and vice-versa. Also, this version always memorizes your selected map regions, so map expirations are automatically checked for the regions you fly every time you launch the App.